A Safe & Secure Home

Equipping our home with adequate safety measures can protect us and our loved ones from unexpected problems but can also give us peace of mind even when we’re away. Whether living in an urban, suburban, or rural area, people should take steps to protect themselves, their family, and their belongings from danger and theft. Because it’s such an important task, people should secure their homes properly and with careful consideration.

Video Door Phones were seen as a novelty product few years ago. Now in India every new home in tier I & tier II cities come preinstalled with these products. A few decades ago there were only security guards to secure the boundaries of bungalows. There were almost no scope for electronic security, but now we have come much far from those days. Today almost all real estate companies and home owners in major cities in India seek to know more about video door phones and install them.

Whenever a house owner wants to secure their house their list almost definitely includes a video door phone and CCTV cameras. The Video Intercom Systems and accessories needed for a complete security system are also easily available in the today’s market at an affordable price.

We would never want to open a door unless we know exactly who’s on the other side. A video doorbell not only let’s you see who’s there but also allows us to have a two way intercom with the visitor.

Once you have the best practices of home security covered similarly, it’s time to install a security system such as Onetouch video door phone which has the cross compatibility with other home automation products or CCTV cameras. The best home security systems are simple to install and shouldn’t break the bank. You can also install security cameras, whether or not they are part of a more extensive security system.

Video Door Phone such as of Onetouch with mobile app are extremely recommended as they allow viewing the footage from your video door phone at any time from anywhere using internet. Wireless security systems are also available if you prefer to avoid any hard line installations.

One can also use a safe which is an effective method to keep your valuables secure. These valuables might include jewellery, important documents and other sensitive information. You can choose either a portable safe or one bolted to the wall or floor. Just remember that a portable safe can be picked up by a thief, so it’s better to have one that’s heavy and clunky. Make sure the safe is fireproof and waterproof as well. You can also pay a bit more for a safe with fingerprint-reading systems.

A secure future depends on the efficient building management systems which is growing to gain massive popularity and real time usability in these days.

Home automation systems requirement are very high as we discussed in our previous blogs with 80-85% best selling products are of lighting and security. The home automation industry is one of the fastest growing sectors.

Securing your home doesn’t have to be a chore — it can actually be fun. Simple yet effective tips like securing your windows and doors, and having a security plan for the whole family can work wonders. It also doesn’t hurt to spend a bit to buy an in-home security system. Whatever you do, you won’t regret the peace of mind that comes with securing your home and keeping your family safe.