COVID 19, The New Normal

Coronavirus or as we say COVID 19, has brought the world to its knees. Businesses have been shut, schools and colleges are closed, travel banned. The whole world is in a complete lockdown. But as they say challenges create opportunities. COVID-19 may have turned our lives upside down but it has certainly provided an opportunity for all of us to rise to the occasion during these testing times.

Firstly, we have become more hygiene conscious. Yes, you heard it right. People have started taking personal hygiene more seriously. The ritual of washing hands, sanitizing things before use, that started as a compulsion is becoming a habit. 

Secondly, people have started to avoid getting Social. The trend which they have been following for over so many years has now changed. Companies are switching towards work from home culture now; the prospective towards WFH have changed for many. People are restricting themselves from getting social, be it shopping malls, restaurants, society get together and most importantly visiting each other residences.  

Where everyone is being more cautious towards day to day living, it is said to be the NEW NORMAL. 

We at discreet solutions understand the current need for people to feel safe and secure in their surroundings. Be it smart cities, residential societies, health care or airports our solution makes them all secure. Onetouch has been serving many clients for over 16 years now; people understand the need for replacing manual security methods to automatic methods. 

Onetouch video intercom helps you avoid inviting the unwanted audience to your surroundings. With basic human intervention the solution can provide security and safety near you. The video telecom facility lets you decide whom you want to invite while Onetouch video door phone adds to the second layer of safety to it. The inter communication is now possible without getting social or physically present. During times like these it becomes very crucial and critical to make most of such services around. 

The added features of the product are: 

  • Mobile APP for Intercom calling, motion and alarm Alerts
  • Contactless entry using QR code or fingerprint authentication
  • Integrate Video Entry Station with UHF reader for gate automation
  • Doorbell motion sensor to detect intrusion & send alerts to mobile app
  • Smart Indoor Monitor to control Home Automation
  • Indoor Monitor call forward to Mobile APP

To make the new normal more safe at home and surroundings, let’s start thinking about options towards it.