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Gas Leak Detector

Home Gas Leak Detector

Useful for standalone and multi apartment

Sound and LED indicator

Detects LPG and other natural gases

Notification on management PC & Guard’s phone

Video door phone integration

Easy installation and secure

Kitchen is one of the most favourite rooms of any family. And safety and security of this favourite room is important. So we have designed gas leak detector for your family.

Onetouch Gas Detector detects natural gas such as Methane and LPG like Propane, Butane and Coal gas. In fact it is a product with high stability and endurance. Which can be used independently or connected to the network.

Onetouch gas leak detector can be integrated with smartphone. So, you can check the real time status of your house. On the other hand, this detector sends instant notification on indoor monitor, guard phone and society management software as well.

This smart detector not only useful for multi apartment societies but also very useful for standalone.

Onetouch gas leak detector works round the clock. So nothing can disturb your precious sleep. It is wall mounted and

helps in taking quick remedial actions. So you can avoid any danger situations easily.

Above all Onetouch gas detector is SIP based. So this smart detector can be integrated with any other 3-rd party devices. Although unlimited integration is possible.

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