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Secure Your Entrance

With Onetouch Door Sensor

Magnetic Door Sensor

Magnetic Door Sensor is an important component to secure your door. Door sensor let you know when someone is entering via door. And the weakest point of our home is entrances and exits. So secure your door with magnetic door sensors (MDS). If anyone opens an armed door, the magnet is pulled away from the switch, which breaks the circuit and triggers an event. Depending on your setup and what mode your system is in.

If your doorbell is off, it will still sound a chime if someone triggers a sensor. An alarm response will send to your phone, indoor monitor, guard phone and on residential management software.

Benefits & Key Features

Alarm On Your Onetouch Mobile App

Integrated With Your Onetouch Video Door Phone

Integrated With Your Guard Phone/Cabin

Building Management Software Integration

24 x 7 Safety Guard For Your Smart Home


How It Helps?

If you use a magnetic door sensor as your home security, the device will come into two pieces: one is a reed switch and another is a magnet. One-piece can be attached to the door frame and the other parallel to the first piece of the door. These two parts create a closed circuit if someone shuts the door. These two pieces must set directly next to each other. If they are not parallel to each other, then these pieces can’t interact and won’t create a closed circuit. Our door sensor can be integrated with Onetouch Mobile APP.