Onetouch Video Intercom For Smart Interoperability

Video intercom is a great way to monitor what’s happening in and around your household. One can not only hear a baby cooing in the nursery but one can also be able to admire them from a touch screen mounted in the kitchen or sitting on the countertop while making dinner. Then, of course there are several security benefits also. When we use video door phones, one can see who’s knocking even before you open the front door, and in crisp, clear, full-color video on a good-sized screen, a much better view when compared to an old-fashioned peephole can provide.

Also better than a peephole, a video intercom is able to fit nicely with your lifestyle. Thanks to the adjustable settings like do not disturb, audio-only and auto-answer, all of which can be programmed to engage automatically at certain times of the day and for specific rooms, it’s a technology that’s flexible and versatile to suit many different needs.

Clearly, a video intercom is a useful amenity for any household, and intercom manufacturers are modernising it by incorporating sophisticated features like cross compatibility with other smart devices and brands, etc. With multiple touch screens added to various rooms throughout the house, you can form an in-home communications network, quickly notifying family members “in person” that it’s time for dinner or that someone has stopped by for a visit.

And with just a tap, the video intercom screen can change seamlessly into the home’s control dashboard. From the same screen that displays a full-motion, real-time glimpse of the CCTV, the delivery man and other people and places that need checking up on. By using Onetouch smart intercom solutions you can also use home automation features to control the lights, thermostats, and much more from a single device. It’s home control, visual surveillance, and in-home communications all wrapped up into one smart device.