Smart Video Door Intercom for Smart Home?

What is a smart home? This is one of the questions most people in India would be confused to answer. In short we can say that a smart home is a house equipped with a number of devices which automate tasks normally handled by humans. Smart devices can be operated via mobile applications, voice commands, automation or artificial intelligence. Some of the devices can come preinstalled with your home and some can be added later by homeowners.

Today the Smart home technology has brought an entire new set of features and functions to the home intercom system. Today’s smart home devices are faster, smaller and far more capable than the basic “plug and play” systems available earlier.

Onetouch brings you Smart Video Door Intercom to make your home a smart one. Our doorbell intercom systems allows to have conversation with their visitors with the touch of a button and can even open the door with the help of authorization.

Doorbell intercom systems allow us to talk to visitors using our telephone or a smartphone. An intercom or door entry system is installed outside instead of our regular doorbell and when a visitor rings the bell our phone rings and then we can talk to the person at our front door. There are several other optional add-on accessories and locks, so that the door lock can be opened and locked with a single keystroke. Smart Home control offers many unique ways and models of wireless video intercom systems, allowing us to communicate with one, two or more doors/devices.

There can be many situations such as maybe we don’t want to get up physically to speak to someone at the door and look via spyhole who’s there. We all lead busy lives and the technology exists to get more done with less efforts, and today’s intercom isn’t just audio, we can integrate video too so that we can see who’s on the doorstep without getting off the treadmill or sofa, interact with visitors and can even open the door for them. Onetouch smart intercom systems can take the comfort level or convenience to the next level by integrating with your existing security devices and CCTV systems, providing seamless ways to interact with people inside or outside your home.

Smart home is a must need for today’s world when the crime ratio is increasing. If you are looking to upgrade your current home security or want to install a new video door intercom, then look no further than Onetouch devices.

Modern devices are now affordable too. Having your home wired for a quality intercom system was something which was not considered affordable, but now the wires have been cut, smart intercom devices have entered a new era of accessibility. We can now say goodbye to our cable clutters. Today’s smart home intercom system are slim and can be easily fit into your home.

One of our dedicated intercom system experts can create a custom solution according to your requirements, complete with intercom parts list and prices. Contact us now to get personalized assistance for your smart home.