Smart Video Doorbell



The first thing visitors look for is a calling bell. Therefore, we have designed a smart video doorbell with a motion sensor. And a night-vision camera which helps the house owners to identify any suspicious movement. So sending an instant notification on their smartphones.

The product’s night-vision camera can capture a clear snapshot even when the light is dim. These unique features help the house owners / multi-apartment owners to monitor their houses all the time from anywhere in the world as our smart video doorbell can be integrated with a smartphone.

The theft of packaged items from your doorstep is a common incident. Imagine an unknown person picking up a packed item, left by the courier boy at your doorstep! As previously stated, with our application there is no need for you to worry. The video doorbell will alert you through an alarm, a snapshot and a recording, irrespective of the time and distance. You can also receive a video call from the doorbell to your smartphone. Seeing and talking to your visitor from anywhere has been made easy through this.

“Onetouch Video Doorbell can be used in various industries, like Schools, Mines, Hospitals, Oil & Gas for better communication and monitoring“.