What If You Use Your Finger As The Key

An important tool in security for a house is the ‘lock’. It plays a pivotal role in our families. A door with a simple lock is not as secure as the Digital Door Lock. It allows access to the users without traditional key. And using smartphones or other methods to verify and automatically unlock doors. A smart lock allow users to gain entry into their home without the hassle. 

A single key can be misplaced or you can forget to bring it on. Imagine if you either forget to latch your door or have forgotten to carry your keys. So, you realize it after you’ve left your house—what will you do? You will either come back or call your neighbour. But with Onetouch Smart Digital Door Lock you need not to worry. Once the door is pulled, it is automatically locked! No force can break the door open. It has a built-in intrusion alert function which rings the alarm when the door is forcibly opened from outside. It can be unlocked from anywhere. Automatically unlocks above 60°C. It’s fireproof, tamper proof, easy to integrate with your smartphone and indoor monitor. It has keyless entry such as, biometric, pass-code, card reader access, smartphone integrated, also prank preventive. It is very useful for multi apartments also. Read more functions here:


Anti Panic of One Way Push: In the event of an emergency, such as Fire, the anti panic feature enables residents a quick and safe evacuation by pushing. 

Fire Detection Function: In case of sensing high temperature over 60 °C, it alarms and activates door open function.

Passcode Hide Function: Use the fake number and actual number together whenever there is any chance of exposing the passcode to others. 

Prevention of Electronic Shock and Static: To prevent illegal entry using the electric and electronic shock , the superior circuit blocks the impact.

Door Control by Wireless Connect: OT-500 can be integrated with Video Door Phone and Home Automation system using the Wireless RF Kit to control the door. 

Emergency Battery: Use 6V battery to initialize lock when the lock shuts down due to discharged battery.

Easy Settings: Volume Setting, Finger detection Setting and Easy to install.

So, go keyless and live stress less.