Once you have installed the Video Door Phone

Here are a few tips that you must follow all the time for getting the best of the benefits from your Video Door Phone:

First of all make it a habit of checking the Video Door Phone and interact through this system every time when you have a visitor at your door.

If the visitor or caller knocks at your door and insists on a one-on-one interaction, you must discourage and request for an interaction through this system if he/she resists, raise an alarm and warn him against legal consequences.

Secondly, if you have regular visitors like laundry, milkman or newspaper vendor, give them clear instructions to interact with your Door Phone only.

Suppose! if any visitor appears to be hiding something, insist him/her on revealing the things first. Then open only if you are very much sure.

Also instruct your kids to follow the same way and teach them how to operate.

Always remember the Video Door Phone you installed is for your security purpose and it can be of full use to your benefits. This is an unique system for multi apartment societies.

The Video Door Phone system provides complete security for your family. Even though you are not at home, the system can store the snapshot of all those who visited your house, so you can identify the person easily and check if there was anything suspicious.