Why choose Video Door Phone?

One of the most popular consumer requests is Video. Especially when it comes to offering a complete security solution. Whether to monitor their main entrance, backdoor or front door, that is what maximum people are searching doorbell with a camera that can be professionally installed.

When people are concerned about having awareness about what is going on around their apartment or bungalow. Then the Onetouch SIP Video Door Phone is a perfect fit. It offers to Call on mobile from the doorbell; Video alert notification; 24 * 7 monitoring; Megapixel camera; wide-angle lens; motion detection and clear snapshots in low light.

It’s night vision camera is superb. You can playback all incidents happened during the time you left. And additionally, being a SIP device, you can integrated 3-rd party camera as well.

Onetouch Video Door Phone also integrates smartphones, Alarm panel, indoor-outdoor cameras, home automation accessories, guard cabin phones, building video entry stations, and society software management system. Onetouch cloud-based is also available for individual houses or bungalows.

For multi-apartment, we have added extra features, such as advertisement and complaint register. Society can earn revenue displaying the ads or offers going on the nearby stores. Or else register to complain to the society office for service required like, plumber, electrician, etc.

To know more about Onetouch Video Door Phone and other devices, please visit https://www.discreet.co.in/