SmartCloud AI? A Revolution In The Field Of Communication and Security

Onetouch brings you the next generation of Video Door Intercom with built-in communication and security based on cloud technology. Smart video door intercom has opened up a new standard in the video door phone industry by providing a wire-free video door phone intercom via the internet to communicate with your visitor using a smartphone.

When we talk about video intercom systems, one most important question arises is which type of intercom would be better for them wired or wireless ones. For a long time, intercom systems have played an important role in residential and business security which allows the residents/business owners to verify and communicate with visitors. Technology has evolved and so the intercom systems and video door stations.

There are different types of intercom systems available now. Normally users can think of two types i.e. wired and wire-free. Wired systems are those where all devices in a building or place are connected to each other using wires. In wireless systems, all the connected devices are completely wireless.

SmartCloud AI by Onetouch is one of the most advanced and completely wire-free intercom systems available worldwide. It can work with a multi-apartment, standalone, villa, and multi-tenant. All of the connectivity is managed by a private cloud space, one just needs to connect with an internet connection it could also be a 4G enabled GSM. You can also use a visitor management system at the main gate of your society and get video calls on your smartphone using our Onetouch mobile app. We have different types of authentication systems available such as biometric, non-contact less and contactless. Some of the access control systems available in the SmartCloud AI solutions are face recognition, fingerprint recognition, Bluetooth unlock, QR code scan, etc.

All of the information is stored in the cloud and can be accessed by the property manager, one just needs to have an internet connection. When we compare the wired solutions vs wireless home security systems, our SmartCloud AI can save you almost INR 5000 per apartment, because Cabling, POE Switches, Network Rack, Yearly AMC increases your cost up to 50% when compared to SmartCloud AI.

SmartCloud AI can also link your home router with an indoor monitor and video doorbell to get them online and manage all of your visitors using the Onetouch Mobile App. The property manager can also manage community devices, alarm alerts, group messaging, and access control using the Onetouch management portal.

Many video intercom systems stop working when your wired connectivity goes down but not in our case, all of our connectivity from your video doorbell to your indoor monitor does not depend on your wired connection, you can receive calls on your smartphone from your video doorbell. You can also have an intercom call from your main gate directly on your smartphone via your 4G connectivity and it does not depend upon your direct connectivity within the building or main gate.

Onetouch mobile app can be used to verify visitors using a video call, remote monitoring of video entry stations, intrusion alarm alerts, and can also be used for making an intercom call to neighbors.

All of these key features of SmartCloud AI by Onetouch makes it a revolutionary solution in the field of communication and security.