How Onetouch Can Help Maintain Social Distancing?

The most important lesson we have all learnt in this COVID-19 pandemic that Our health is wealth. The virus is unpredictable and it spreads just as fast. Can we only protect ourselves so much with social distancing and wearing masks? Are there SMART ways we need protect can ourselves and our family?

We are living in a Digital age and there must be some smart solutions available to keep social distancing and control virus spread.

Technologies like smart intercom or video door phones enable us to provide contactless access to houses, apartment buildings, and workplaces, creating a hygienic and safe solution to keep residents, workers, and visitors safe.

Video door phones are seen as a security device that can protect you or alarm you in case of an intrusion, but there are many several other ways that can also help us prevent the spread of several viruses.

Smart intercom or video door phones help families to control access for their homes. There are indoor and outdoor units through which one can see the outdoor and communicate with them to give certain instructions or messages. We can also provide contactless methods like QR code scan, IR scan to scan your identity card and provide access, or facial recognition to give access to certain people without even touching the outdoor unit.

Many of us have already become used to facial recognition in a smartphone. We at Discreet use similar technology with the help of duel cameras in Onetouch devices, we are able to create a highly secure contactless intercom system. Anyone whose identity is recorded in the system database can simply gain access with no need to press any button or any physical contact. There are several other options also available like bluetooth to grant access, contactless door unlock via a smartphone, QR code helps you cross the barrier of the main gate without even stepping out from your vehicle, etc.

It is clear from above that technologies provided by Onetouch is one of the best measures one can take to combat the spread of viruses and infections, whether it is any new virus or regular seasonal colds and flu. Contactless Intercoms or smart video door phones offer an important opportunity to decrease the transmission of viruses, helping to keep residents, workers, visitors safe and maintain social distancing.