Why Does Communication & Security Fail In India?

Security is responsible for the well being of people, their assets, families, etc. Today with the help of advancement in communication and security we can protect ourselves from all kinds of security issues we may face, whether it is from an intruder or any contagious diseases.

When we think of communication and security systems in India people can mostly think of it as a one-person or several other person’s job as a security guard or either CCTV cameras only. Relying just on CCTV & guards are one of the major reasons why crimes are still not controlled in India.

Fortunately, in recent advancements, technologies are advanced to modern systems which can prevent any tragedy from happening but in India, most people are unaware of these systems. If we ask a person in India about the safety and security measures they can take to protect their family most people can think of only about security guards or CCTV. 

There are many technologies available in India that can save many lives and assets but people don’t realize the need for those technologies unless or until an incident occurs. The reason behind this is due to the mindset of people in India that lives are taken for granted and not considered precious when it comes to the security of ourselves and even our loved ones.

Worldwide security alarm and video intercom systems are mandatory by the government in many countries but India is one of the countries where these systems are only seen as a part of luxury living and not as an essential requirement that should be used by everyone.

There are many possibilities that we can overcome in many situations that traditional security measures cannot provide. 

Some of those facilities which can avoid those situations are –

– Visitor video verification

– Secure building access

– Robbery or burglary alert

– Fire or smoke alert

– Safety from contagious diseases especially now when COVID 19 has affected many countries and their citizens worldwide.

Lockdown due to the COVID 19 has forced many migrant workers to shift to their hometowns. These people also included security guards. Hence technologies available today which can act as an unmanned guard are now most important, more than ever needed. These technologies provide safety from intruders but also from COVID 19 via contactless measures.

With the help of automation, one can access and monitor entry tracking with video surveillance. We can watch our indoor and outdoor security video from the camera from any location and know that our property is fully secure. These are the major benefits in today’s modern world where communication and security have become the most essential part to secure our home and family.

India is a place with a huge population and there can be many places which can become overcrowded for people to stay. But we are still dependent on traditional security measures when it comes to their security and safety. In the increasingly complex and interconnected world, we need to be aware of ourselves and accept the modern solutions available for security needed to protect our family or any society.

Why do we need to aware of ourselves about home security systems?

  • We can monitor our door via a video door system.
  • Homes with security systems have fewer chances of intrusion.
  • We can remotely arm or disarm our security system from anywhere in the world.
  • Can monitor who arrives at your home and use a panic button to notify our loved ones if safety is required.
  • There are systems available today that don’t include manually monitoring. In the event of an intrusion, an automatic alarm may sound or contact emergency numbers.
  • We can protect ourselves from COVID 19 using noncontact measures available in modern communication and security systems.

In India, the government has issued regulations and guidelines for children’s safety in schools and women safety in public by installing CCTV in public areas, etc.

So why not our home and loved ones should be secured first from intruders as well as COVID 19?